Danish activists have blocked Vattenfall’s largest coal port i Scandinavia at the day of Vattenfall’s annual meeting

(Photos below)

Since Thursday morning (27/4 2017) activists from the Climate Collective has blocked a coal tug ready for departure in Vattenfall’s Danish coal port in southern Denmark (Aabenraa). Vattenfall has halted all activities in what is known as Scandinavia largest coal port.

As part of their green-washing strategy, Vattenfall is currently handing off their coal fired power plants and mines. But just selling the activities instead of shutting them down completely doesn’t change anything. Emissions continue.

Even though Vattenfall has sold their coal fired power plants in Denmark the company still supply coal to the power plants from their coal port in Aabenraa. The Climate Collective also blocked the coal port last year and are frustrated to see that no progress are done whatsoever.

The activists have blocked the coal port in order to expose Vattenfall’s hypocrisy and stop the company’s dirty business and put an end to all coal activities in Denmark. We will keep targeting Vattenfall as long as they keep running their dirty business in Denmark.

The Climate Collective believes that climate change and the greater climate crisis are just symptoms of a larger problem: The climate crisis is just one of the injustices and inequalities brought about by capitalism. Hence, the Climate Collective sees the struggle against climate change as part of a larger struggle against capitalism.

Invitation to join the blocade:

Join the blocade and send a strong signal to Vattenfall that good intentions and green talk is not enough. We call for immediate closure of coal plants, mines, harbours and transporation now.

Join us today and help keep the blockade one more night or show your solidarity from outside the harbour. We will have poster for you to send your message to Vattenfall and we will leave together to enter the harbour at 12 pm. You are also very welcome to join us throughout the day and make your own way in or support us from the outside.

Background info:

Vattenfall is 100 % owned by the Swedish state, and the Swedish government has announced that the company should convert to renewable energy sources.

Vattenfall has therefore sold it’s remaining three coal fired power plants in Denmark: Nordjyllandsværket, Fynsværket og Amagerværket. Meanwhile Vattenfall still owns the coal port in Aabenraa (Ensted) and does hence still supply coal to the same power plants that Vattenfall owned earlier. Vattenfall’s plans for the coal port in Aabenraa is not publicly known.

Vattenfall is having their annual meeting this morning (27/4).

Vattenfall should take responsibility for their actions and we urge them to close down their coal activities and not just to sell them. Instead they continue to earn profit from the coal industry. Vattenfall just inaugurated a new coal fired power plants in Northern Germany in 2015, that does not go well with climate-friendly consideration.